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Pre-Sale Cleaning



We offer pre-sale and pre-valuation cleaning to help you present your home, townhouse or apartment in the best possible way to secure a buyer quickly and at the best possible price!

Improving the appearance and presentation of your property can add value to your home. A potential buyer’s first impression can improve the prospect of selling your home. Decisions of purchase are heavily influenced by first impressions and emotions. From an online perspective, striking photos of a clean and crisp looking property can set your online listing apart and grab the attention of buyers.

Our pre-sale and pre-valuation cleaning service is designed for people who want a high quality, detailed clean before listing your property for sale.

Spending a few hundred dollars could potentially lead to thousands of extra dollars to your sale price and a significantly higher number of interested buyers. A pre-sale clean is an excellent investment – the cost of cleaning will be covered by the increase in sale value many times over. Cleaning prior to listing, your open house or private inspections is a must if you want to capitalise on your sale.

What's included?

All Pre-sale cleaning services include the following:


Clean and polish cupboards, shelves and drawers (internally and externally); degrease, clean and sanitise oven, stove and range hood; clean bench top surfaces, splash back, door handles; clean sink, handles and spout; clean fridge, dishwasher and microwave spaces.


Wash tiled surfaces; clean bathtubs and basins, shower head and shower/bath taps; remove shower screen soap residue; clean and disinfect toilets (including cistern and S-bend); clean vanity cupboards (internally and externally); wipe fittings, handles and rails; polish mirrors; dust air vents; clean window and tracks; mop and sanitise floor.


Clean cupboards, shelves, and drawers; clean and polish wardrobe mirrors; clean internal windows and frames; clean window tracks and sills; clean interiors and exteriors of glass doors

Oven, Stove and Rangehood

Deep clean and degrease oven, griller, stovetop, range hood  racks and trays; remove and clean oven glass; clean all elements, rings and knobs; remove and wash rangehood filters


Vacuum floors - carpeted and hard surfaces. Spot clean all surfaces. Mop hard surfaces.

Doors and Walls

Spot clean all walls; spot clean all doors; wipe architraves.

Air-con Units and Fans

Wipe air-con unit internally and externally; clean dust filters; client vents.


Remove grit, dust, oils and minerals from window surface - using applicator, squeegee and microfibre cloth to finish.

Also Included

Clean laundry inc. tub, cabinets, shelves, drawers and tap ware; remove cockroach/small insect marks; wipe light fittings; clean light switches and power points; remove cobwebs; clean skirting boards

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