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Home Cleaning



Home cleaning is much more than dusting cupboards and vacuuming floors. Attention to detail is required in all areas of your house to achieve a thorough clean and to refresh your living environment. We offer a wide range of home cleaning services which consists of cleaning cupboard doors, sinks and fittings, cleaning toilets, showers and baths, cleaning windows and wiping window sills and tracks, vacuuming, mopping, dusting and wiping of surfaces, cleaning switches, powerpoint and skirting boards – among many other inclusions.

Our service ensures that you are not inconvenienced or stressed out when it comes to hiring a house cleaning service and that you can relax in your home knowing it is in a hygienic state.

What's included?

All home cleaning services in Sydney include the following:


Clean stove and oven exteriors; sanitise splash-back and bench-top; stack dishwasher; clean sinks and taps; wipe down cabinet and appliance exteriors; empty rubbish bins; clean microwave; mop floor.


Tidy beds; dust and wipe down furniture; dust and wipe electronics; clean wardrobe mirrors, clean internal windows, vacuum and mop floors.

Living Areas

Tidy living area; dust and wipe down furniture; dust and wipe electronics, clean internal windows, vacuum and mop floors.


Clean bathtubs and basins, shower glass, shower head and shower/bath taps; remove shower screen soap residue; clean and disinfect toilets (including cistern and S-bend); wipe vanity cupboards, polish mirrors; clean window and tracks; mop and sanitise floor.

All Other Rooms

Dust and wipe down furniture; dust and wipe electronics, vacuum carpeted flooring; vacuum and mop hard surfaces; clean mirrors; 

Extra Services

Add extras and customise your cleaning service to meet your needs:


Oven cleaning

Deep clean oven, griller, racks, and trays; remove and clean oven glass; clean stovetop including elements, rings and knobs; degrease rangehood; remove and wash rangehood filters.


Window cleaning

Streak-free cleaning of windows (internal and external); cleaning of tracks, windows sills and window frames; cleaning of interior and exterior glass doors.


Blind cleaning

Wipe dust; wash blinds front and back to remove all grease and grime.


Wall washing

Remove dust and cobwebs; spot clean marks and stains; removal of dirt and oils from wall; scrub walls top to bottom


Balcony/deck washing

Sweep floor: pressure wash floor if requested. 


Fridge cleaning

Remove all shelving, racks and drawers; spot clean scuffs and stains; clean inside of fridge and freezer; wash, rinse, dry and return all components.


Garage cleaning

Sweep floor: tidy cupboards and shelving; pressure wash floor if requested.

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